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Mazak alarm codes

Cause Some mistake in operations during the automatic operation has caused the tool tip to overstep the area specified in the software limit parameters in the direction of the axis corresponding to the displayed axis name. Action Modify the program so that the tool tip may move within the area specified in the software limit parameters. Cause The tool tip has reached stroke limit in the direction of the axis corresponding to the displayed axis name.

Action Move the tool tip away from the end in manual operation mode. Cause During reference-point return, the proximity-point detection limit switch has overrun the position in which the watchdog is mounted. Action Either extend the length of the proximity-point watchdog or reduce the reference-point returning speed.

After that, carry out the zero-point returning operation once again. Cause During initial reference-point return following the power-on action, an axis has not passed through the Z phase of the corresponding detector. Action First actuate the handle for manual pulse feed to move the axis back in the opposite direction to the zero-point, and then carry out the zero-point returning operation once again.

Cause The axis-movement direction selected with the axis selector button is not correct for the reference-point return in manual operation mode. Cause An axis is interlocked because the interlock function has become active input signal has turned off.

Action Clear the active state of the interlock function.

Alarms & Messages: CNC Training Series

Cause The very direction in which the manual skip function has become effective is specified in the axis-movement command.

Or the servo-off function is active. Action Deactivate the servo-off function. Cause This message is displayed in the event of incorrect mode selection or a mode selector switch malfunction. Cause The cutting-feed override value is set to 0 on the machine operating panel. Action Change the cutting-feed override value to one greater than 0.

If this alarm message is displayed when the cutting-feed override value is not 0, check the signal line for a short-circuit. Cause An attempt has been made to execute an axis movement in the cutting feed mode or dry-run in the automatic operation mode, with the manual feedrate remaining set to 0 on the machine operating panel.

Action Change the manual feedrate to a value greater than 0. If this alarm message is displayed when the manual feedrate is not 0, check the signal line for a short-circuit. Cause Spindle rotation did not start when the spindle rotation start command was issued during automatic operation.Cause Trouble has occurred in the hardware. Action Turn power off and then back on. If this does not clear the alarm status, require Mazak Technical Center or Technology Center to replace the defective hardware or cables.

Cause The emergency stop button on the operating panel has been pressed. Action Release the pressed state of the emergency stop button and reset the NC unit to its initial state. Cause The absolute position detection system has lost absolute position data. Cause The absolute position detection system has detected its detector error s. Cause The absolute position detection system has detected an error s by cross-checking the absolute position of its detector and the internal coordinate data of the NC unit.

Cause The absolute position detection system has detected abnormal data. Action The battery is running down. Cause The software is not correctly working. Cause Trouble has occurred during communication with the amplifiers or during communication data processing. Cause Amplifier power is not yet turned on.

Or no signals are transferred yet. There is a discrepancy between the channel and rotary switch Nos. Action Check for an incorrectly connected cable, an incorrectly attached connector, an inadequate input supply voltage to the amplifier, an incorrect axis-number switch setting, etc.

Cause Trouble has occurred for the spindle in the mode of safety-speed operation. See the description of No. Cause The servo power-off level is abnormal. Cause The parameters that have been transferred from the NC unit to the servo amplifier during NC power-on are not correct.

Cause The servo NC reset level is abnormal.How is it solved? Wonder if anyone is familiar with this error message and knows what causes it!? Any help would be highly appreciated.

mazak alarm codes

I have Fanuc 18 m controller vmc machine. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. To order a replacement part or a repair job, please call or email sales mroelectric. Correct the tape. This alarm will be generated only when the TV check is effective. Refer to the item of max. Modify the program. Or two decimal points were input.

Mazak M Code List – INTEGREX

Offset is not canceled but another axis is offset for the tool length offset type C. Otherwise, the number specified by P code for the additional workpiece coordinate system is too large. T Series: A point of intersection cannot be determined for tool nose radius compensation. The plane selected by using G17, G18 or G19 is changed in cutter compensation C mode. The program may cause overcutting to occur in chamfering or corner R.

Two or more blocks are consecutively specified in which functions such as the auxiliary function and dwell functions are performed without movement in the cutter compensation mode. Alternatively,Q0 is specified. Correct the program. For systems with this feature, a comma was followed by something other than R or C Correct the program. In the chamfering comman, I K is commanded for the X Z axis. Otherwise, a program specified for searching is being edited in background processing. Alternatively, the program with the program number specified in a one—touch macro call is not found in memory.

Check the program number and external signal. Or discontinue the background editing. Check the sequence number. The depth of cut in G71 or G72 is zero or negative value.

The repetitive count in G73 is zero or negative value. Zero or a negative value is specified to the height of thread or depth of cut of first time in GI want to begin by saying that we are in this together. We take this to heart not only because we share many of the same challenges you face today as a local manufacturer ourselves, but because we are a family company and in times like these, we believe in showing up for your family.

And we will always show up for you. There is no doubt that your work is essential, and as a result, we are committed to doing everything we can to support you. In the coming days and weeks, we will provide additional resources to help guide all of us through these changing times and will continue to keep you informed through email, our website and social media channels.

mazak alarm codes

Together, we will emerge from this stronger than ever before. We are in this together. Achieved with a second turning spindle and a milling turret or with a two-spindle, two-turret configuration, DONE IN ONE machines offer maximum productivity, reduce production lead times, improve machining accuracy and lower operating expenses. Phone: Fax X Dear valued Mazak customers, I want to begin by saying that we are in this together.

M anufacturing. M azak Training. Share facebook twitter Email Print. All rights reserved. Product images are for illustration purposes only and may not be exact representations of the products. Mazak reserves the right to change product images and specifications at any time without notice. Printed from mazakusa.For other Mazak alarm lists visit following pages. Cause The format of the input data is not an available one.

Example: Negative data has been input to an item that rejects negative data input. Action Press the data cancellation key and then input correct data. Cause 1.

The work number of a display inhibiting program was specified. The numeric value that has been input is out of the allowable range. Action 1.

Mazak System / Drive Alarms Error Codes

The operation concerned cannot be performed for the program of display inhibition Program management function. Press the clear key and then input correct data. Cause The limit of lines per program has been exceeded.

Action Recreate the program so that it consists of lines or less. Additional creation of a machining program is no longer possible since the memory has already been filled up to its machining-program data storage capacity. Additional preparation of process control data is no longer possible since sets of such data have already been stored.

Additional preparation of program layout data is no longer possible since sets of such data have already been stored. Action Make an available storage area by either erasing an unnecessary machining program from the memory or saving a machining program onto an external storage, and then create a new machining program.

Cause An attempt has been made to select a program whose work number has not been registered. Action Select a program whose work number has been registered. Inhibiting operation editing, erasing, renumber of work number and entry of names has been performed for the editinhibiting program.

The operation concerned cannot be performed for the edit-inhibiting program program management function. Remove the tool from the spindle, and then carry out the operation once again.Forum Rules.

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Mazak M Code List – INTEGREX

The latest industry news—straight to your inbox. Sign up for our eNewsletter now to stay in-the-know. We'll bring you the most relevant peer-to-peer conversations happening in the trade and tips and tricks to help you get the job done. Invalid email. This is required. Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forgot password? What's New? Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I found a nice video that a guy made on youtube where he goes through the process on what I believe is a control.

Here is the video if it helps. I have Tool eye measure highlighted and then even touch the part off. After it beeps and I go to take the tool away, I get Alarm illegal measuring sensor signal. I'm assuming this is wrong? I want to mention I stop pressing the x axis minus button as soon as I hear the beep in fear of driving the turret through the eye. Is this right what I'm supposed to do or should I keep the x axis minus button depressed?

The alarm manual say start the measurement after the preparation and I'm not finding enough detail in the other manuals to help with this.

Maybe I am missing it. Any help is appreciated. Not sure what I did differently, but the alarm went away and I'm on my way for the time being. I think its from trying a different approach distance. That's exactly how I do it too. I usually manually move the tool to about 1mm from the sensor, and then press "Tool measure" and move in until it beeps with the X or Y button.Should any questions arise, please ask the nearest Technical Center or Technology Center.

Be sure to observe the safety precautions described in this manual and the contents of the safety plates on the machine and equipment. Failure may cause serious personal injury or material damage. Please replace any missing safety plates as soon as possible. No modifications are to be performed that will affect operation safety.

If such modifications are required, please contact the nearest Technical Center or Technology Center. For the purpose of explaining the operation of the machine and equipment, some illustrations may not include safety features such as covers, doors, etc. Before operation, make sure all such items are in place.

This manual was considered complete and accurate at the time of publication, however, due to our desire to constantly improve the quality and specification of all our products, it is subject to change or modification. If you have any questions, please contact the nearest Technical Center or Technology Center. Always keep this manual near the machinery for immediate use. If a new manual is required, please order from the nearest Technical Center or Technology Center with the manual No.

Not only the persons who create programs, but also those who operate the machine must thoroughly understand the contents of this manual to ensure safe operation of the machine. Read all these safety precautions, even if your NC model does not have the corresponding functions or optional units and a part of the precautions do not apply. Rule 1. This section contains the precautions to be observed as to the working methods and states usually expected.

During daily operation of the machine, therefore, the user must pay extra careful attention to its own working safety as well as to observe the precautions described below.

Although this manual contains as great an amount of information as it can, since it is not rare for the user to perform the operations that overstep the manufacturer-assumed ones, not all of what the user cannot perform or what the user must not perform can be fully covered in this manual with all such operations taken into consideration beforehand.

It is to be understood, therefore, that functions not clearly written as executable are inexecutable functions. After turning power on, keep hands away from the keys, buttons, or switches of the operating panel until an initial display has been made.

If the operator performs operations without being aware of data errors, unexpected operation of the machine will result. Before machining workpieces, perform operational tests and make sure that the machine operates correctly.

No workpieces must be machined without confirmation of normal operation. Closely check the accuracy of programs by executing override, single-block, and other functions or by operating the machine at no load.

Also, fully utilize tool path check, solid check, and other functions, if provided. Make sure that the appropriate feed rate and rotational speed are designated for the particular machining requirements.

Always understand that since the maximum usable feed rate and rotational speed are determined by the specifications of the tool to be used, those of the workpiece to be machined, and various other factors, actual capabilities differ from the machine specifications listed in this manual. If an inappropriate feed rate or rotational speed is designated, the workpiece or the tool may abruptly move out from the machine. Before executing correction functions, fully check that the direction and amount of correction are correct.

Unexpected operation of the machine will result if a correction function is executed without its thorough understanding.

mazak alarm codes

Parameters are set to the optimum standard machining conditions prior to shipping of the machine from the factory. In principle, these settings should not be modified. If it becomes absolutely necessary to modify the settings, perform modifications only after thoroughly understanding the functions of the corresponding parameters.

mazak alarm codes

Modifications usually affect any program.

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