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450 marlin for dangerous game

The new case has nearly identical powder capacity to the. The latter feature is to prevent its being chambered in magnum rifles for which it is not intended. The Hornady factory load for the.

Shooting Times magazine chronographed the Hornady grain factory load at fps and ft. Hornady figures call for fps at the muzzle and ft. The trajectory of the new cartridge is such that, if fired from a scoped Marlin lever action at a MV of fps, the grain Hornady bullet can be zeroed as follows: 2. This gives the shooter a yard maximum point blank range with a load sufficient for taking all North American big game.

Hornady factory loads for the new cartridge are reportedly loaded to about 42, psi. Here are some other statistics important to reloaders: bullet diameter. Heavier and thus longer bullets must be seated very deep in the case to feed through the modern Marlin lever action, unduly restricting powder space.

Hornady reloading data from the sixth edition of their Handbook of Cartridge Reloading shows that the grain Hornady FP bullet can be driven to a MV of fps by This bullet weight would be most appropriate for CXP2 class game.

The Hornady grain bullets can be driven to a MV of fps by These figures were achieved in the Velocities should be higher from the more efficient 22" barrel of the Marlin MR rifle. Hodgdon reloading data shows that the grain Speer FP bullet can be driven to a MV of fps by a maximum charge of This load also used Hornady brass and Winchester primers; velocities were taken in a 24" test barrel.

Note: A full length article about the.Q: A friend I hunt with in Wyoming owns a Marlin lever-action chambered in. He's used it to successfully kill brown bear and moose with one gn bullet.

Bear VS 45-70 Machined Bullet

I've been trying to locate a similar rifle for myself and may have struck it lucky. Also, I believe that Marlin has dropped the cartridge from their line-up?

Why I wonder? What can you tell me about it? Also, who makes loading dies for it? Can you suggest a good load?

Whatever Happened To The .450 Marlin?

Owen Bunton. A: The. Loaded by Hornady it fired a gn flat-point bullet at fps for a muzzle energy of fps. The cartridge and rifle proved very effective against dangerous game as your American friend found out. It was based on a short belted straight walled magnum case and hit hard at both ends. Handloaders loaded it with the Beartooth gn to fps. Recoil was softened by an integral muzzle brake with two rows of porting on each side of the front sight, with 5 holes in the top row and two in the second row.

A half length tubular magazine held four rounds.

Read This Before Hunting Cape Buffalo With The 45-70 Government

It was dropped after it became known that it would fit in a 7mm Rem. Marlin got around this problem by giving its. No doubt the. Loading dies present no problem. Get a 3-die set for the. Actually, the. For reloading you can use any of the powders and loads listed for use in the Marlin Recoil is stiff, but probably would not be noticed in a hunting situation.

Shooting off a bench is something else again. Whatever Happened To The. By Nick Harvey 31 August Comments Comments.We made them come up against each other at the shooting range and in the hunting of Wild boars. In fact, the three lever-actioned weapons available in. It took me almost two years to find all three weapons, but eventually I succeeded, and I was able to prepare a series of tests with both of the selected Hornady ammo loads.

There is also a fourth weapon chambered in the. Although, given its features, it would have been quite unsuitable for the purpose of this test, based on boar battue. As mentioned above, in reality the.

The aim was to create a caliber that was more powerful than the. This powerful caliber was officially presented at the Shot Show together with the Hornady grain ammunition from the Custom Interlock line, followed by, after only five seasons, the revolutionary LeverEvolution grain with FTX bullet.

450 marlin for dangerous game

This round had a lot of success in the United States, especially on the guide gun market, weapons used by guides for dangerous game and big game hunting.

In fact, this powerful caliber, in combination with light and short guns, featuring easy and fast handling and follow up shots, allows not only to hunt well at short and medium distances, but, above all, to be able to double hit large and dangerous animals in the woods.

Its heavy bullet with a medium to fast thrust is an absolute guarantee even in the most difficult situations.

450 marlin for dangerous game

As can be seen from this table, currently, the. However, if we consider the energy offered in relation to the weight of the bullets of the first three calibers at the top of the category, the. The end effects of this caliber, even compared to the competition, are something that can only happen in the field of hunting: in fact, the numbers say something, but not everything.

450 marlin for dangerous game

Moreover, the importance of the recoil factor must be taken into account. This factor relegates the. We can now talk about the weapon models we selected in the.

Marlin, currently, offers two versions of the model in the. On the other hand, Winchester offered the Timber with a 46 cm barrel and muzzle brake. The advantage of the Browning BLR lever-action weapons, compared to the classical Marlin and Winchester, is that the Browning, which has a detachable magazine loader, can chamber spitzer or semi-spitzer cartridges.

This is absolutely excluded from the two American models with tubular magazine. In fact, spitzer cartridge points in the tubular magazine could spark ignition with all the relative consequences for the shooter and the weapon. However, a minor disadvantage of the BLR compared to the Marlin and Winchester is the lower availability of shots: The BLR has only four shots - three in the magazine and one in the chamber - compared to the five shots of the Marlin and Winchester.

These two bullets cover the needs of the two types of typical. In this context, the recharging may offer additional solutions, both soft point and solid type products. As can be seen from these two tables, the differences in performance of the two ammunition are quite considerable, at least in the medium and long distances basically beyond 90 m both in terms of speed and energy, which affects the bullet drop levels.

Technical and practical notes. Although they are all lever-action guns, the three guns differ greatly in mechanical design, style, ergonomics, overall dimensions, and distribution of weight and total weight.

450 marlin for dangerous game

The difference is so great that it is not easy to switch between them without being familiar with them. In particular, as per sight, the user needs some time in getting used to target acquisition. So, it was not an easy task. I must say that among the three, the Marlin is the quickest to aim, followed, on an equal footing, by the other two. The sights of the W94, however, the Ghost Sight type, must be used with both eyes open, which means that some training is required for optimal use.

I replaced the original BLR and Marlin sights with a red fiber optic since it is barely visible. Regarding the shouldering, I would say that all three are very fast with a slight margin of more speed for the Marlin. Given the greater length of the barrel, the BLR is slightly imbalanced in the front, but this is only noticeable when holding the gun in the standby position and not during shooting.

A quite important note on the safety catch. The Marlin and the W94 have a double safety latch, the hammer in the half-cocked position and the push button safety Marlin or the slider safety W94which are particularly silent in operation during the stalking and extremely safe and easy during action.An early American camp can be visited. In a supply shelter one can see stacked boxes of. In the blackpowder era, that was the largest cartridge designed for repeating firearms, originally housed in the Winchester Model lever action.

Why in Antarctica? The northern polar region was explored first, so the deduction is obvious: Early explorers expected to find polar bears, and wanted to be adequately armed!

Although each has variations, there are six primary rifle actions: Single-shot, multi-barrel, bolt-action, lever-action, slide-action, and self-loading.

Single shots were universal in blackpowder days. British and European gunmakers developed the large caliber double as we know it today. Among hunters, the lever action has long surrendered to the bolt action in popularity, and among American shooters no other design has seen the astounding popularity of the AR platform. However, the lever action remains an icon, as American as apple pie, motherhood and John Wayne.

These rifles with compact actions are essentially chambered to pistol cartridges. As a hunting rifle, the classic form of the lever action is the good old. Although less frequently chosen than powerful bolt actions, double rifles and single shots, there are hunters who want to use their lever actions for the largest game, from our biggest bears to buffalo—and even elephant.

Good idea or bad? Why not? But you have to make sound choices. The first successful repeater for large cased cartridges was the Winchester Centennial. Its shorter, bottle-necked. That it did, but the ballistics replicated were the mild figures of the Trapdoor Springfield cartridge then in use. Introduced a decade later, the John Browning-designed Winchester had a longer action. It originally housed the.

It was also stronger, easily making the transition to smokeless powder. Recently reintroduced by Browning and Winchester, the. These are all awesome cartridges for black bear, elk or moose and, with care, can be used on big bears. In my view, they are not suitable for buffalo. This is not purely theoretical.Few topics in the realm of hunting in Africa are as contentious of a subject as hunting Cape Buffalo with the.

In certain situations, the cartridge really excels. After all, the. With all this in mind, I completely understand why someone would want to use their. Note: some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support. Yes, the. Make no mistake: a. In fact, anecdotal reports from Africa indicate that the cartridge is capable of producing some very impressive results under the right conditions.

The bull barely ran 25 yards before expiring. While Brian Pearce and Vince Lupo are far from the only examples of people safely and successfully hunting Cape Buffalo with the. Some countries like Mozambique do not have a minimum legal caliber or energy requirement for hunting buffalo or any other game for that matter. Other countries like Tanzania and Zambia have a minimum caliber requirement of.

Your run of the mill gr and gr. Clearly, these loads do not come anywhere near the legal minimum for hunting buffalo in Namibia or Zimbabwe.

Modern lever action rifles like the Marlin Model and especially the Ruger No. In his article, Brian said he chronographed those gr bullets at 1,fps out of his Marlin Model At those velocities, the gr Hammerheads produce 3, foot pounds of energy and the gr Hammerheads produce 2, foot pounds of energy.

That being said, it is legal to use the. This is where things get tricky. Yes, you can kill a Cape Buffalo with the. But the question remans: is it a good idea to hunt Cape Buffalo with the.

However, those regulations exist for a reason and they came from many years of hard earned experience. After all, it is quite possible to kill a deer with a. But truth be told, as long as your Professional Hunter PH gives you permission to do so, nobody really cares about the specific load you use on a hunt unless something bad happens.

But when things go sideways, it can get scary really quickly. Regardless of whether it was actually your fault or not, the investigators will likely quickly focus on the fact that you were using a non-traditional cartridge that falls well short of the generally accepted minimum standards for hunting buffalo. Indeed, both the. Garrett concluded that the. For one thing, Cape Buffalo are not made out of wet newspaper, or ballistic gelatin, or any other homogenous material people use to test the ballistic performance of bullets.

Bullets perform differently in those mediums than they do in creatures made of flesh, blood, and bone. After all, the idea that slightly lower impact velocities result in deeper bullet penetration is not a new concept and other hunters and ballistic experts have noted the phenomenon as well.

So what if a bullet fired from a. Bullet penetration is extremely important, but only to a certain point. Shooting two buffalo with one shot is often a recipe for disaster, so he was fortunate that his shot killed the cow outright instead of merely wounding it.

One of the reasons the Cor-Bon and Garrett Hammerhead. These bullets do have a larger than average meplat, so they cut a bigger hole than a typical non-expanding bullet of the same diameter.When hunting dangerous game meaning an animal that may attack the hunter when fired on a quality known loosely as "stopping power" becomes very important.

This refers to the rifle's ability to transmit enough force to the target to not only kill the animal, but to turn or stop a charge. The best stoppers seem to be medium and big bore rifles firing bullets of good sectional density SD. Note that while under special circumstances almost any big game animal can become dangerous to the hunter, the game with which we are concerned in this article are the beasts widely recognized as habitually dangerous to hunt.

These are basically the large predators and a few outsized herbivores whose frequent reaction to trouble is to try and run over it or gore and stomp it into the ground. Beyond the purview of this article are animals dangerous when encountered in packs, such as wolves and hyenas, and dangerous non-game animals, such as crocodiles and poisonous snakes. Naturally, the size and vitality of the animal has a lot to do with the amount of stopping power required, as does the terrain and range at which the hunt is conducted.

Dangerous game animals range is size from smaller than the average man to the largest creatures on earth. The game weights quoted here apply to mature males of the species and are based on research done by Edward A. Matunas and published in the Lyman 47th Reloading Handbook. Clearly a 13, pound African elephant requires more stopping power than a pound North American cougar.

Therefore, before we discuss rifles and cartridges suitable for hunting dangerous game, let's start by listing the dangerous game animals of the world, the approximate size of the male of the species and the continents where they are hunted.

Africa is the home of the "Big 5" dangerous game animals. These are the elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard. A very large male African elephant can weigh around 13, pounds. This is the largest game animal on earth. The white rhino averages about 5, pounds and a very large specimen can weigh 8, pounds. The smaller black rhino averages about 2, pounds on the hoof and a very large animal might weigh 2, pounds.

The male Cape buffalo will average about 1, pounds and a female about pounds. A very large male buff might go 1, pounds. The African lion averages about pounds, but a very large male might weigh pounds. Many experts consider this to be the most dangerous animal in the world. The African leopard is about the size of the North American cougar, that is to say averaging about 90 pounds female to pounds malewith very large examples weighing pounds.

Unlike the cougar, however, the leopard has earned the respect of even the most experienced dangerous game hunters and leopards have killed large numbers of human beings over the years. Much of the once fruitful big game hunting in the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia has been destroyed or dramatically reduced. As I understand it, all big game hunting has been outlawed in India.

This is not the because of sport hunting, but due to factors beyond the control of trophy hunters. It is human overpopulation, habitat destruction, poaching and war that have decimated Asian big game populations. Red China is the most populous country in the world.

India is the second most populous country and before long it may replace China as the most populous.Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Mar It's a late model a couple of years old, so unless i'm mistaken, it should handle the same hot loads that the. I'm thinkng along the lines of the loads that Buffalo Bore, for instance, offers for really big and dangerous game.

From a race of hunters, artists, warriors, and tamers of horses, we degraded ourselves to what we are now: clerks, functionaries, laborers, entertainers, processors of information. Joined: Jan Conundrum, Alaska. Hot handloads will damage your gun.

.450 Marlin

There is no such thing as a. Donald Trump wasn't elected president in spite of who he is and how he acts, he was elected precisely because of who is and how he acts. Remember that. No but there is a. So, to reiterate the question, what i'm getting at is can i handload for my. Also, is it true then that everyone who is shooting custom ammo like Buffalo Bore through their. Joined: Oct Anchorage, AK. Josh Sorensen.

I used to shoot quite a few gr JSP loads with H fps. For hunting I used kodiak bonded and practice I used remington bulk bullets. They shot the the same point of impact. The garret, and buffalo bore type ammo is all loaded to within the specs of the Joined: Nov South Florida. Check out the marlinowners. They have a. The Palmetto State. Accurate, packs a wallop at both ends. I am going to go to a milder load when I have time to work at it a little.

Mathew Happy escapee from NY. Joined: Feb Two bullets, to look at might be the Belt Mtn. Punch Bullet, and the Barnes Buster. Barnes has load data, on their website. How big a critters are you wanting to hunt? Joined: May Originally Posted by cra The Barnes X grainer was the very best of the best in. Western Wisconsin.

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